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Top 25 best shooter games on Switch

Top 25 best shooter games on Switch

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Updated on May 19, 2023 - re-checked the list. Original article by Emily Sowden, updated by Ivan Spasojevic.

Nothing can soothe your mind like blasting your weapons after a long and tedious day at work/school. These first-person shooters on Switch (and third-person as well) will give you the peace of mind you are longing for! Or an adrenalin surge, whatever you are after. We're not judging.

Nintendo is generally associated with family-friendly fun - all bright mushroom kingdoms, rolling hills, and wide-eyed innocence. We would never wish to change that.

But we also love a good FPS. Sometimes, all we want to do is blast some enemies to bits with guns and rocket launchers. Virtually, of course. 

In case you are also a fan of Switch strategy games and Switch board games do follow these links after you are done with the list. You'll be in for a surprise!

Finest FPS games on Switch in 2023

What a wonderful variety of shooters for Switch we have to draw from! There are glossy FPS, hardcore shmups, and classic run and gunners. If you like any of the games from the list, head out to the Nintendo Store and grab them!

We've featured a good spread of all these strains in the following top 25 list. Indeed, we haven't been able to include all of the shooter games on Switch we'd like, so do share your favourite examples in the comments section if they don't make an appearance.

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Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is one of the countless rogue-lite twin-stick Switch shooters on the eShop - but it's arguably the best. From its super-tight gunplay to its endless range of zany weapons, and a structure that warrants endless replayability, it's a star.

To diversify the gameplay and chaos in Enter the Gungeon, the creator has provided players with an opportunity that is not usually provided in the games of the Bullet curtain genre - the roll. A roll is a window of invulnerability for a character. Also, developers built complex patterns of boss attacks, which can only be evaded by rolling. Thus, you need to try really hard to beat this one.

We've clearly expressed our appreciation for this amazing shooter, so if you're pondering whether or not to try it out for yourself, make sure to read our review.

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Splatoon 2

An online Switch FPS made by Nintendo? As strange as it sounds, that's precisely what Splatoon 2 is, combining 4-vs-4 online territorial scraps with a cooperative wave-based mode for three players. At the core of both is a beautifully messy paint-everything mechanic.

Initially, only one mode is available to the player, where you have to battle for districts. Its essence is extremely simple: in the given time, you need to paint as much of the map as possible with the colour of your team. For this, a variety of weapons loaded with ink are used, from sprinklers resembling machine guns to simple brushes and buckets. At the same time, the enemy will also be doing the same, so you have to not only paint the floor but also engage in fierce battles with enemies.

Thinking about trying it out? Read our review of Splatoon 2 here first!

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DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal makes some similarly harsh cuts to the core that its predecessor did, but the result is one of the most technically impressive and breathlessly exciting Switch FPSs.

You've got the stunningly detailed grim monsters that we all know from the DOOM series, except on an entirely new level - you can quite literally count each killer claw or talon fang they have in great detail. As for the playstyle, it's exactly what you expect it to be - terrific!

As in DOOM (2016), weapons can be upgraded using special bots found in locations. Almost every gun has two slots for installing modules. For example, the shotgun can be equipped with an under-barrel grenade launcher or turned into an automatic machine gun. Each upgrade can be upgraded further using gunsmith points.

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BioShock: The Collection

Three of the finest, most atmospheric single-player FPS games of modern times, all bundled together on one cartridge? It would be rude not to. Bioshock's action is of a slightly smarter and more tactical breed than most straight Switch FPS games, too.

The collection is actually a complete trilogy, and we really think that you should try it in case you haven't already. It's probably in that 1% of the FPS on Switch that you'll actually remember for a long time. However, if you're into quick competitive multiplayer more than a good story, you can sit this one out.

From the moment it was released to this day, Bioshock has been criticized as a bad shooter. One could agree with this if Bioshock ever claimed the title of a shooter game. The first-person view and shooter mechanics are due to the tasks that the developers faced: to make the player believe in what is happening.

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Void Bastards

Void Bastards is another first-person roguelike, with lashings of FTL and System Shock stirred into the mix. Quirky comic book presentation and lashings of British humour really make this one stand out from the crowd.

The creators of Void Bastards claim that criminals will be dealt with harshly in the distant future. For the slightest breaking of some law, such as the wrong crossing of the street, the unfortunate people are sent one by one to the Sargasso Nebula - the cosmic analogue of the Bermuda Triangle. Lost ships are drifting here, inhabited by brutal mutants. Prisoners who can get something in the nebula that the government needs will get their freedom. But the majority, most likely, will die for no reason.

The graphics are great, the playstyle is great, and there is really nothing not to love about this Switch shooter game. The smooth controls make it feel at home on the console, so if you're a fan of the genre, make sure to check it out!

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Metro: Last Light Redux

Alongside Wolfenstein II and Bioshock, Metro: Last Light Redux is the cream crop of story-driven Switch FPS games. This deeply touching blaster sees you skulking through Moscow's underground system, mowing down mutated ghouls.

Just like Metro 2033, this FPS has good graphics in many ways. Yes, maybe it is not photorealistic and does not have ray tracing, but at the same time, it leaves a great impression as it looks pretty realistic. Maybe the plot has become a bit banal, but now the atmosphere of the destroyed Moscow has become cooler.

Overall, Metro Last Light can be considered a worthy sequel to Metro 2033. The realistic atmosphere adds that much more to the already great-looking (and feeling) title, and if you want a post-apocalyptic Switch shooter that really takes it home, this is our suggestion.

Best shooter games on Switch - Metro Last Light

Daemon X Machina

A big clanking mech title with a slick art style that feels like it could have stomped out of a '90s anime. Daemon X Machina asks us to introduce lots of bullets to lots of futuristic hardware, and we're delighted to oblige.

This Japanese mech Switch FPS is everything you could want and a little bit more. There is a little bit of story, but it doesn't overwhelm the game, the characters are well-rounded, and the shooting element within is... exceptional. A surprisingly well-made Nintendo Switch shooter with plenty of customizations and even a multiplayer element.

In Daemon X Machina, you can turn your fighting machine into a samurai, fighting in hand-to-hand combat, or into a long-range weapon that does not let anyone close. Up to six weapons can be mounted on the mech, of which four can be used simultaneously.

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Borderlands Legendary Collection

Borderlands was the title that really put the looter shooter on the map, with its infinite gun combinations and coloured hit points. This generous bundle gives Switch owners hours upon hours of madcap semi-open-world blasting.

The Borderlands series is far from new. The first part is more than ten years old, and the last one presented in the collection, Pre-Sequel, is dated 2014. This is normal for such ports. After all, it takes a certain time to transfer all the content, taking into account the technical limitations of the Switch. The quality of the port is really very high. Controls deserve special praise. You can aim by moving the console itself!

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Immortal Redneck

There are plenty of roguelike shooters on Switch, but only a smattering of them are first-person. Immortal Redneck nails the genre cross-over expertly, with twitchy action and stacks of replayability.

The action here is way better than you would expect from such an obscure title. It's a fast-paced roguelite FPS that features randomly generated dungeons (actually pyramids), 9 playable classes with different skill trees, ultimate character death, boss fights, and a built-in Twitch Quest mode for streamers that lets viewers vote for the next action.

While Immortal Redneck doesn't stand out for some out-of-this-world elements or mechanics, it's a nice shooter that has all the right elements to make it great. So, if a genuine experience set in a rather unique world appeals to you (such as exploring the Giza pyramids and shooting your way through) make sure to check it out!

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If you're aching for something fresh from your next FPS, check out Superhot. Time only moves forward when you do, making this kinetic action feel more like a puzzler.

Superhot is unique for a number of reasons, and the shooter element is one of them. In Superhot you don't just aimlessly blast your way left and right, but do it with a purpose - to test your limits.

Superhot is an amazing indie shooter where nothing is what it seems and doesn't work the way you're used to. Let's start with the main feature of the game, which its developers are promoting in every possible way in all videos dedicated to it: time in Superhot only moves when the main character moves. If you freeze in place and stare at one point, everything around you freezes in the same way, whether it be an enemy or a bullet fired by him. This feature radically changes the gameplay and makes Superhot one of the most fun shooting games on Switch.

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Apex Legends

We have already included a mobile version into the list of best FPS games on Android, for a good reason too. When it came out a few years ago, people thought it was going to be a fluke, and that it won't last long before players abandon it.

The past 15 seasons of Apex Legends showed how wrong they were, and it is still going strong. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a competitive and mostly battle royale shooter (although there are also other mods available). Gameplay is quick and snappy, and it's not always the case of who's a better shooter, being a good tactician will win most duels. It's completely free, so there is no valid reason not to try it in case you are a fan of similar titles.

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Risk of Rain 2

An ambitious 3D-ification of the first iteration, Risk of Rain 2 provides an especially frenetic sort of third-person shooting. Mow down waves of enemies In procedurally generated levels, preferably in co-op multiplayer.

The basic mechanics of Risk of Rain 2 are mastered after the first run. Then you just hone your skills and hope for good luck. Thanks to the increasing difficulty, the game constantly maintains a balance between the power of the character and the lethality of enemies.

The blocky graphics make Risk of Rain 2 stand out (not necessarily for all the right reasons), but they also make it relatively easy on the eye. It's really great in multiplayer mode, but to us, it feels a little lacking in single-player. So if you've got a friend, try it out together - it'll be ten times better!

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A classic side-scrolling run-and-gunner cunningly disguised as a cute mascot-led platformer from an alternate history in which the SNES landed in 1930. Quite unique, in other words. Might not be the classic Switch FPS, but it's worth the while if you are into some hardcore fun!

Cuphead is not just an action platformer, but a real story of passion and noble madness, which at least once ended not in tragedy, but in a happy ending. It was developed by a tiny team, the core of which was only two people - brothers Chad and Jared Moldenauers. At some point, in order to complete what they started, they even had to take a desperate step - mortgage their own houses. That is, if Cuphead had failed, they could become homeless. Fortunately, the game succeeded.

We've already mentioned how glorious Cuphead is in our review. So, if this is the first time you hear about it, make sure to check it out before diving into the bullet bonanza!

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Overwatch 2

One of the biggest online first-person shooters of recent years is out on Nintendo Switch. It's not a perfect conversion - performance can be iffy - but the ability to play this lavish team-based extravaganza in your garden is not to be sniffed at.

If you're not a fan of MOBA shooters, you can sit this one out. However, for the fans of the genre, Overwatch 2 is a perfect option. It's good, there is a lot to learn, and the amazing graphics make it fit in with today's standard flawlessly. Cartoonish characters are catering to every possible audience, Plus, you can sit and play with your friends, which is always the best way to experience Switch FPS games like this one.

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A unique free-to-play online FPS that places acrobatic - and mind-bogglingly fast - third-person gunplay at its core. Add in some incredibly deep RPG elements, and you have something of a cult classic.

Warframe is all about co-op. Players save the solar system in groups of up to four fighters, passing missions that last from five minutes to half an hour on average. There are more than two hundred such missions in Warframe.

We absolutely love the state-of-the-art graphics and technology featured within Warframe, so if you want fast-paced combat, this is the one to go for. The best part though has to be the price - it's free! Of course, the main part of Warframe is that it's a looter shooter, so if that's not your cup of tea, skip it.

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Nuclear Throne

The indie whizz-kids of Vlambeer tackled the rogue-lite twin-stick shooter genre with Nuclear Throne. The results are suitably distinctive, with crunchy combat and memorable characters.

This is a top-down action FPS in which you explore randomly generated levels, trying to destroy all enemies in order to open a portal to the next stage and eventually reach the titular Nuclear Throne. The strength of the game is not in the complexity of the concept and the unique fusion of genres but in the indescribably addictive gameplay. There are quite a lot of characters in Nuclear Throne, and each has some kind of feature that has a huge impact on the style of play.

While this Switch shooter is unlike Warframe, Cuphead, or Overwatch, the pixelated approach makes it that much more exciting. We've already reviewed it and we love every aspect of it!

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Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition

If you like your Switch shooter games big and dumb, look no further than Bulletstorm. It sets up a hilariously OTT playground of physics-driven death and destruction, where style is as important as precision.

Grayson learned that his superior, General Sarrano, ordered the detachment to kill innocent people. The main hero deserted and spent several years as a space pirate. Once, he decided to ram the Sarrano flagship battleship with his small frigate, after which both spaceships fell on the surface of the abandoned resort planet Stygia. The hero got a chance to take revenge and arranged a real massacre and fun.

Bulletstorm gives us some Mad Max vibes together with some of the original Duke Nukem features, which is the character that you'll play. It's a title worth trying out, especially if you are a diehard fan of Duke Nukem!

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GALAK-Z is a modern title with excellent AI and physics where you have to take part in space battles in a 2D open world inspired by classic 16-bit shooters. Built using the next-generation AI platform Cyntient, GALAK-Z puts players at the helm of an anime-style spaceship and sends them to conquer procedurally generated worlds.

Galak-Z is a twin-stick rogue-lite with a unique tang, thanks to its Saturday morning anime serial presentation and floaty space physics. The shooting's rock-solid, though. You can pick your loadout including the shooting pattern, bullet shape, and more. Your ship has only 3 stats that you need to take care of. Hull health, shields and a number of missiles. Simple, yet very effective.



Ikaruga is pretty legendary in hardcore arcade shoot-'em-up circles, with its beautifully rendered action and intriguing puzzler-like dual-colour system. It plays great on Switch too, with the unique ability to flip the screen vertically, just as the developer first intended.

The appeal of Ikaruga's gameplay, perhaps, is that it is very simple and understandable to anyone. A small spaceship flies along a narrow corridor, simultaneously shooting enemy ships, overcoming obstacles, dodging and absorbing fire. But there is one feature that turns the gameplay upside down. At any time, it is allowed to change the polarity of the ship, of which there are two: white and black. The bottom line is that by turning into a white state, the ship under your control is able to absorb white enemy charges and vice versa.

In our Ikaruga review we've expressed our honest opinion about Ikaruga, which is pretty much a fine shooter on Switch that does what it's designed to do - provide plenty of targets to shoot at!

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Raiden V: Director's Cut

Another highly esteemed shmup lands on your favourite console in arcade-fresh condition. Raiden V: Director's Cut is a full-on assault on the sensors, with a fast pace, bright colour palette, and enemies that actually respond to your presence. Galaga-esque title, but it's infinitely more complex and flashy. Really, it should have a huge warning sign to prompt you from trying it if you have any sort of brain or eye condition.

Raiden V: Director's Cut is a special edition of an arcade shooter where you need to fly in a plane and shoot enemies. You will be able to customize the game's interface elements in real time. Also, compared to the previous part, you have new ships, improved visual effects, and joint multiplayer for two in local mode.

It's an action-packed FPS that is unforgiving, challenging, and exciting every step; of the way.

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Sniper Elite 4

A fine stealthy Switch shooter that's set across a bunch of pleasingly vast WW2 levels, with a deliciously schlocky B-movie vibe. It will provide some fine hours of fun if you are a fan of the cheezy one-man army gameplay. To be fair, most single-player shooting games are like that.

For those of you that are wondering how it got on the list...well, it's a fun title that will help you steam off after a rough day. That and the fact that it has an awesome kill cam, which will prompt you to try all of the different angles of kills and test different methods for it.

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Crimzon Clover

A finely observed love letter to the bullet-hell shmups of the '90s and '00s, Crimzon Clover nonetheless makes a few careful tweaks to bring in a new generation.

Crimzon Clover is an arcade developed by YOTSUBANE. It has amazing graphics and sound. Endless shooting and a lot of enemies will not let you relax even for a second. Crimzon Clover has three modes: easy (simplified version), original (basic mode), and unlimited (hard version). Each mode has five stages, and after each stage, there is a battle with the boss. There are several types of aircraft and a choice of weapons.

If you've seen images of Crimzon Clover, you probably started wondering where its gameplay lies - well, it is the definition of a bullet hell FPS. You get action, bullets and ships flying left and right, and there's really nothing not to love about it.

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

While it's not what you'd call a natural fit, it's surprising how playable this lavish single-player FPS remains on this mobile console. When it comes to story-driven single-player Switch shooter games, there are few better.

The advantage of The New Colossus is that it supports different play styles. Most often, the same fragments of levels can be played both as a dynamic shooter and as a very competently made stealth action. In Wolfenstein II, you have enough tools for both.

Fighting against the Nazis is really fun, as the developers worked hard on the arsenal available to the hero. Each type of weapon has its own area of ​​application and strengths, which become more and more obvious as you find sets for upgrading guns on the levels and unlocking new upgrades. You can check out our review of Wolfenstein II here.

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The Outer Worlds

Obsidian's lavish sci-fi romp might position itself as a first-person RPG in the Fallout mould, and there's certainly a smattering of that. The Outer Worlds is a technically rough first-person Switch shooter with extra layers of decision-making and character management.

I mean, as a fan of the Fallout series we tried to like this one more, but it did fail some crucial aspects of being a true AAA game that will stay embedded deeply in your core memory. Another thing worth noting is that once you're done with it, there is no real need to go again. The narration is great, and there are other elements that make it a really good title, but you might want to wait for a discount before snapping this one.

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SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC

Essentially a 'Thunder Force III: Special Edition' that was originally designed for arcades, with some additional tweaks from port master M2. This is a top-notch shmup from Sega's golden age. It has pixelated colourful graphics and an 8-bit sound that you can recognise from those titles made back in the '90s. The action is at the core of this FPS for Nintendo Switch, and quick fingers with good hand-eye coordination are a must.

Thunder Force AC will take you back a couple of decades, but it's a welcome retro addition to this list. The ideal choice to wrap up our best shooters on Switch!

Thunder Force AC gameplay on Nintendo Switch
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