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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE celebrates its half-year anniversary with a boatload of in-game goodies and a new SSR NIKKE

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE celebrates its half-year anniversary with a boatload of in-game goodies and a new SSR NIKKE

Only three months after the game first launched across the globe, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE had already hit 25 million downloads - and that was just the start.. The action-packed sci-fi RPG shooter has since then released epic collaboration events with the worldwide anime hit Chainsaw Man, plus a collaboration with global sensation AmaLee (LeeandLie) for the game's theme song titled "Satellites".

Now, with the game’s six month-anniversary festivities well underway, Commanders can expect a whopping 57 Recruitment opportunities as well as a new SSR character joining the fray. Here's everything you can expect during the half-year celebrations.

Limited-time events both in and out of the game

Additionally, fans in Times Square, New York can enjoy a large-screen showcase beginning April 25th to May 1st, where players can even participate in a meet-and-greet with their favourite NIKKEs.

What’s more, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE will be releasing another notable collaboration in the next half of the year. Stay tuned to learn more about this fantastic cross-over.

As for the game itself, the new OVERZONE story event will give players a sneak peek at the Goddess Squad, led by Dorothy, which tells the tragic tale of how humanity tried to survive before the Ark was built. It will be the first narrative that delves into the past, with Snow White, Scarlet, and Rapunzel taking centre stage without the Commander.

A new Pilgrim character enters the fray

After an extraterrestrial threat wipes out most of humanity and civilisation as we know it, humanoid weapons codenamed NIKKE awaken in the Ark, where mankind began to rebuild society underground. Inspired by the Greek Goddess of Victory, these NIKKEs are meant to rise to the Overworld to repel the alien invaders and restore humanity to the world’s surface.

Now, players can look forward to a new Pilgrim character Dorothy, who is a Tier-0 character and is a Supporter, Pilgrim, SSR NIKKE type. There will be a special Dorothy Pick Up Recruitment event to help players obtain the new character during the festivities as well.

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Fresh gameplay content

The half-anniversary update will bring new 21-22 story chapters which introduce a new epic boss called Mother Whale, as well as an Overzone event with a 3D Field map and a fully voiced narrative. There will also be a special Snow White mini-game featuring an impressive 21 branching endings.

Plus, the new Solo Raid content will offer a single-player BOSS challenge with varying difficulty levels, where players can test their fighting prowess using their NIKKE, but be warned, each NIKKE can only be deployed once.. Of course, bountiful rewards are up for grabs as players rise up the ranks within the event.

Naturally, no anniversary event would be complete without a special login bonus, and this one doesn’t disappoint, providing 57 Recruitment opportunities (Pick Up Recruitment 46 times + Ordinary Recruit 11 times) and SSR NIKKE, Rei, and more.

If all of this makes you eager to join in on all the celebrations, you can visit the official website to download the game and give it a go, or join the community of followers on Twitter for more updates.