Interview: Christian Casas, NFL Rivals Creative Director at Mythical Games, discusses arcade-style gameplay and digital ownership

Interview: Christian Casas, NFL Rivals Creative Director at Mythical Games, discusses arcade-style gameplay and digital ownership

NFL Rivals is the latest American Football game to arrive on mobile, allowing you to live out your GM dreams. It also includes digital ownership by incorporating Web3 technology. That means you own, collect, and trade various assets with other players.

We recently spoke with Christian Casas, NFL Rivals Creative Director at Mythical Games, about NFL Rivals. Together, we discussed the arcade approach to gameplay, how digital ownership has been implemented, and the importance of first making a good game before incorporating blockchain tech.

Can you introduce yourself and your role on NFL Rivals for our readers, please?

Christian Casas, NFL Rivals Creative Director at Mythical Games.

What do you believe sets Rivals apart from other American football games that are available on mobile?

NFL Rivals is packed with fast-paced, arcade-style, 9v9 action, powered by digitally collectible cards gamers can actually own and trade with each other in a general manager-like experience.

NFL Rivals features arcade-style gameplay. This might be different things to different people, so what does it mean to you?

For NFL Rivals, the arcade-style translates to quick games, intuitive controls, and animations that enhance all the fun of playing football. In short, it’s designed to be easy to pickup, but hard to master.

Additionally, why did you decide to take this approach rather than aiming for realism?

We felt that the arcade-style lends itself to a unique brand in the football game landscape and makes that much more enjoyable, and kind of a throwback.

Can tell us about how the multiplayer side of the game works?

Players can take on each other's lineups asynchronously and compete for positions in the rankings and on leaderboards, to earn event-specific rewards. Players can also form Squads to compete with each other in the same way and collectively earn rewards based on their rankings.

The game features Web3 digital ownership tech. Can you tell us what that translates to in NFL Rivals?

There are two aspects of the game built on digital ownership. First, players can collect token-backed player cards to build their lineups and trade with other players. Additionally, players can collect digital helmets from the Rarity League collection, which feature generative artwork inspired by all 32 NFL teams and unlock the ability to own and manage Squads.

How is NFL Rivals monetised? Will it be possible to be competitive for anyone who chooses not to spend money to be competitive?

NFL Rivals features multiple opportunities for players to invest in having fun. Players can buy limited edition player cards via the app or purchase in-game currencies for acquiring and improving base player cards in their collections. Players are plenty capable of competing without spending money by playing in challenges and completing achievements that offer them in-game currencies for upgrading their lineups.

Blockchain games have a rocky reputation at present. It appears as though your team has focused on the game first and foremost. Do you believe making sure the game is enjoyable is key to blockchain becoming more accepted by gamers more generally?

100%. Blockchain-enabled games are still games at their core and need to accomplish the same thing: provide the players with the most fun experience possible.

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