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Call of Dragons guide to increase Power

Call of Dragons guide to increase Power

Call of Dragons is a strategic city-building RPG that tests players’ knowledge of different mechanics. At first glance, it might seem that only economy and military determine the victor but a bigger number called “Power” also dictates how strong your kingdom is at any given point in time. It’s in the name itself! Do not worry as all your questions will be answered in this power guide.

It’s important to understand the importance of power along with knowing ways to enhance it sufficiently as you progress. We will explain in detail the best ways to increase your power and dominate against your opponents in Call of Dragons.

Swordsman unit in Call of Dragons

What is Power and its importance in Call of Dragons?

Like many other strategy games that have a mechanic called “Battle Power” or “Combat Power”, Call of Dragons also has something similar, simply titled “Power”. This Power denotes the strength of your entire kingdom in a whole metric unit number. The factors in determining your power include the likes of your military strength, access to resources, and the total population currently residing in your kingdom. Power is an important metric to increase as it means your kingdom’s power is also increasing. It directly correlates with the growth and expansion of your kingdom.

A higher Power would suggest you can defeat more foes and defend against higher attacks from your enemies. Leaderboards in the game also reflect the rankings on any particular server based on the power level of kingdoms. Many Guilds in Call of Dragons also take into account the overall Power of your kingdom while deciding if they want to accept or reject your application.

How to Gain Power in Call of Dragons?

To gain more Power in Call of Dragons, players do not have a single way but multiple ways. Much of the power enhancement comes as you play the game on a daily basis, complete daily missions, and participate in events. However, to stand out from the rest, you need to focus your attention on these 5 major areas:

  • Buildings
  • Heroes
  • Troops
  • Technology
  • Artifacts

Here are some of the ways you can increase your power manifolds, granted you put in the effort required.

Build A Strong Economy

This point is going to resonate with new players who might have noticed the huge jump their power levels get as they upgrade their buildings. In fact, the game’s tutorial also has several missions that restrict you from progressing until and unless you upgrade your buildings.

These buildings are not just real estate, they are essentially a passive way to generate resources for your kingdom in the long run. The list of buildings includes the likes of the Lumber Mill, Foundry, Mana Refinery, Mint Mill, Goblin Market, and the Store. Upgrading these buildings ensure a steady amount of resource generation, instead of only relying on boosts or event rewards.

Do not think that this is going to be an easy task. A lot of time and dedication is required to meticulously upgrade buildings 1 by 1 if you are low on resources to upgrade. A second research queue, that unlocks by upgrading the Economy tree is going to be greatly beneficial in achieving such herculean tasks faster.

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Unlock 2nd Building Queue

Sadly, Call of Dragons inherently only allows you to construct one building at a time. Not only this process limits your progress greatly but it also restricts you from getting resources faster or increasing your power. In terms of free-to-play players, the best way to unlock the second building queue option is to pay the sum of 5000 gems to unlock the feature permanently. Another option, that is easier in the short run but difficult to sustain in the long run is to pay 150 Gems every two days to keep the second building queue option open.

Summon and Use Artifacts

Artifacts are essentially powerful spells that are equipped to your heroes and can be used in combat. Artifacts are further divided into 3 distinct types – Combat Artifacts, Resource Generation Artifacts, or a mix of both. Just like heroes, these Artifacts are also divided into different rarities. The highest rarity, titled “Legendary” is widely considered the most efficient, while the lowest rarity, titled “Rare” is deemed as the least efficient.

Players can get Artifacts from different methods such as Summoning, Events, and doing new player missions. Much like heroes, the artifacts also come under different types and provide a variety of stats. Equipping the correct hero with the correct artifact is the key to increasing your power long-term.

Choosing the Correct Starter Faction

As a new player, you will be offered to choose 1 out of 3 given factions – Springwarden (Elves), League of Order (Humans),  and Wilderburg (Orcs). For purely farming and increasing power fast purposes, it is widely considered that the League of Order (Humans) faction is considered the best for beginners. This is simply due to the fact that their gathering speed bonus sets them apart from other factions in terms of growth.

Improve your Military

A Kingdom is only as strong as its military. Well, this saying is particularly true when it comes to your Power rating in Call of Dragons. An entire Military Tech tree is ready for you to research and upgrade in order to advance your military technology. Upgrading your heroes on a daily basis also adds to your entire power rating. 

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