Roundguard adds new hero Sprig into the roguelite dungeon crawler with Druid Update on June 24

Roundguard adds new hero Sprig into the roguelite dungeon crawler with Druid Update on June 24

Wonderbelly Games’ Roundguard will release a new update on June 24th that introduces Sprig - a new playable hero that lets you fight alongside forest friends in the roguelite dungeon crawler. Beyond that, the Druid Update also introduces new items, enjoyable skills, and exciting new quests to complete.

The Peggle-inspired game tests your bouncy prowess as you zip around the adorably drawn environment using pinball-esque physics. In Roundguard, you’ll start each level catapulting into enemies, but you’ll also need to bounce into health potions, loot, and helpful items to survive your quest. Losing all your health means starting from scratch all over again, but you won’t have to face the procedurally generated levels empty-handed - the gold you collect lets you buy trinkets to help boost your survivability for your next run. It’s permadeath with perks!

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Filled with lovable oddities in a randomized castle, the game now adds Sprig with the free Druid Update so you can summon sprouts and rally hummingbirds to your cause. Sprig can teleport between sprouts - and when she’s pissed off, she can transform into a giant tree to wreak havoc on those who wish to harm her semi-sentient briar vines.

Sprig also brings with her tons of cool equipment and weapons, daily and weekly challenges, plus new quests to prove your worth to the Elder Tree. To know more about the update and to get a better feel of Sprig’s fresh moves in action, check out the embedded YouTube clip above!

Roundguard is available on the Apple Arcade subscription service, which you can sign up for at a monthly rate of $4.99. The quirky game is also available for Switch on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

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