Genshin Impact version 3.2's big boss battle is against Shouki no Kami, The Prodigal

Genshin Impact version 3.2's big boss battle is against Shouki no Kami, The Prodigal
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Genshin Impact’s latest update, version 3.2 – Akasha Plumes, the Kalpa Flame Rises, has been released on all platforms. It brings about the conclusion of Sumeru’s story as local allies and new heroes team up for battle. The update also features a boss battle, one that players will remember for a long time.

The Doctor has trapped Nahida and players must rescue her by defeating the third Fatui Harbinger boss. The Balladeer will turn himself into a mechanical puppet that has two forms and numerous elemental abilities up his sleeve. This difficult battle, against the Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal, will be divided into two phases, and here’s what players can expect during the fight.

Since it is a challenging trial, players will have the Neo Akasha Terminal to help them. During the first stage, Shouki no Kami will perform AoE attacks with varying elements, while Energy Blocks will appear as well. The blocks must be picked up to charge the Terminal.

Once fully charged, players must move towards the Elemental Matrix and press a button to activate its effect. Based on the element, different things may happen:

  • Pyro – Clears the Raw Frost effect
  • Cryo – Clears the Remnant Flame effect
  • Anemo – Creates an Upcurrent, making it simpler to dodge attacks
  • Hydro – A continuous healing effect is activated
  • Electro – A powerful tool that can be used to suppress the boss to overload and paralyze him

The second stage ups the ante as Shouki no Kami now has a shield. Once again, Energy Blocks will drop after attacks, which can be used to charge to Neo Akasha Terminal. In this round, a fully charged terminal can be used to launch an attack straight onto The Prodigal.

On breaking the shield, the enraged boss will unleash Setsuna Shoumetsu and a Nirvana Engine. The engine can be broken using Elemental Reactions, while the terminal once again has to be fired to paralyze the Shouki no Kami. Once immobilized, players need to deal damage to the boss, defeating him once and for all.

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