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Torchlight Infinite best builds - Gear up right from the start

Torchlight Infinite best builds - Gear up right from the start

Your effectiveness in Torchlight Infinite mostly depends on your build. Skills, talents, traits, and packs strongly depend on your power. Therefore, it is necessary to have a really powerful build. Read this guide, and you will find out about the best builds in Torchlight Infinite. However, do note that if you are an advanced player and have a lot of energy, experience, and legendary items, this guide might not be as useful to you - both builds are aimed at beginners. So, there's no time to lose - let’s get started.

Torchlight Infinite Build #1 - MARK CARINO

This Torchlight Infinite build is pretty cheap. You can make Mark Carino's build on levels 50-55, and you will become extremely powerful. Plus, Mark Carino's build will cost approximately 100 energy. So, let’s start exploring this build with Skills & Auras.


The first skill is Marked Shot, which needs to be combined with the Multiple Projectiles, Thrill, Wind Projectiles, and Critical Strike Damage Increase. For extra movement speed, your mobility skills should be Blink with Quick Mobility and Blurry Steps. Also, as potion skills, you have to choose Life Potion, Cooldown Reduction, and Emergency Restoration. The passive skills should be Ice Imbue, Rejuvenation, Magical Source, and Precise Projectiles. Also, you can use the mana potion with skills, but it is the last thing you need to care about.


  • Goddess of Hunting: major note should be Arrow Hurricane and then Perception. However, the second skill is optional; you need to choose it depending on your preferred game style.
  • Marksman: major note should be Heart-Piercing Shot and then Hurricane Strike. These 2 skills are essential, as they perfectly fit and empower each other.
  • Ranger: the first talent needs to be the Touch of Death; it strongly improves attack, and as the second skill, you need to choose Track. However, Close Range Fire is still pretty good and is worth picking.


There isn't much to talk about in the Hero Trait section. You simply can't choose the first skill, and for the second skill, you need to prefer the Moving Reload instead of Enhance Ammo. The fourth skill needs to be the Special Magazine and the last one should be chosen depending on your preferred game style.


Pacts are honestly very random things. You might have the legendary pact, the purple or blue one. It depends on your luck. To be honest, it is one of the pay-to-win things in Torchlight Infinite. Therefore, try to pick the best pacts.


Of course, using some legendary gear in your Torchlight Infinite build would be best, but it's still okay if you don't have them. Below are epic items you can use to win against more powerful opponents:

  • Piercer Bow.
  • Thunderfire Ring.
  • Prospector’s Short Boots.
  • Chaplain’s Gloves.
  • Crusader’s Heavy Armor.
  • Radiant Lunar Blade Belt.

Torchlight Infinite Build #2 - RAINBOW BUILD

The Rainbow Build is a unique build that is perfectly suitable for every hero. Moreover, this build fits not only beginners but advanced players as well. Of course, you can always switch things up to suit your preferences. Also, if you have more powerful armour and weapons, you can easily use them and get better results. So, let’s get started.


The main skill needs to be the Chromatic Shot, which needs to be combined with the Added Cold Damage, Multiple Projectiles, Elemental Fusion, and the Added Fire Damage. In this combination, every skill empowers others, which is perfect. As a movement skill, you need to pick Blink with Quick Mobility. You must use the Cooldown Reduction with Compound Potion and Mana Potion in the central slot. And the last 2 skills need to be Mana Boil and the Extended Duration. Passive skills are as follows:

  • Ice Imbue or Fire Imbue.
  • Charged Flames.
  • Magic Source.


  • Goddess of Knowledge: Magic Shield and Fast Mind. These 2 skills are aimed at extra survivability.
  • Magister: Metamorphose and Torrents. Also, you can choose High Energy Shield if you need more energy during the fight.
  • Druid: here, you can choose only 1 skill - Cataclysm Personified.


Traits are one of the most interesting parts of this build. On level 32, you need to choose the Expansion. And on level 48, you will unlock the necessary Trait - Frostfire Strength. Without this Trait, this build will not work effectively. On level 66, you need to pick the Fusion Body. And then, your final Trait needs to be Seeping In.


Armour and weapons are the most important part of every build. And in this Rainbow Build, you need to use the following:

  • Ice and Fire gloves.
  • Cold Breath Helmet.
  • Twilight Staff.
  • Juggel’s Joke.
  • Prospector’s Short Boots.

Other items can be chosen depending on your game style. There are no specific items that you need to use.


These are the best builds in Torchlight Infinite that are perfect for players who don't have too many resources. And while you're here, take a look at our guide on the best class in this game.