Torchlight: Infinite is globally releasing in a few weeks with a brand new season

Torchlight: Infinite is globally releasing in a few weeks with a brand new season

XD Games has finally announced that their highly anticipated dungeon crawler ARPG, Torchlight: Infinite will be released on mobile and PC, and it’s sooner than you think. After conducting beta tests for the better part of the year, the game is officially launching early in May. What's more, is that players can simply pick up from where they left off as all progress will be carried over.

To commemorate Torchlight: Infinite’s worldwide release, a new season will go live, bringing in a tonne of content and improvements alongside a major overhaul to the game’s loot and crafting systems. Following the events of the Blacksail season, Cube of Rapacity will serve as a perfect entry point for those who’ve never tried out the title during its open beta stage.

Let’s dive into the upcoming season by looking at the explosive new hero at the forefront of it. Escapist Bling is a volatile menace who specializes at making things go boom. He’ll be seen blasting enemies around the RPG using this arsenal of bombs. In addition to the new character, some of the older ones like Thea have received more Hero Traits as well.

Wondering why this season has been called the Cube of Rapacity? That has something to do with the new gameplay mechanic being introduced this season. It only amplifies the risk-vs-reward ratio of the game by challenging players to look at mysterious cubes from Desire Incarnations.

Slaying these beasts will unlock Divinity Slates that form part of a puzzle, and completing the pattern unlocks extremely valuable rewards. Beware though, greedily trying to acquire these will definitely backfire.

On top of this, Torchlight: Infinite is also adding novel Prototype Production and Targeted Processing systems that will make crafting and upgrading gear much simpler. The Guild feature will allow players to join and communicate with their friends as they take part in group events.

Torchlight: Infinite releases globally on May 9th. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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