Torchlight: Infinite reveals new look at its highly customizable skill system

Torchlight: Infinite reveals new look at its highly customizable skill system

Torchlight: Infinite, X.D. Entertainment’s latest addition to the popular franchise, began pre-registration a little under a week ago. It is a hack and slash action RPG that will be available on mobile and PC. The skill system has always been a crucial aspect of these games and with Infinite, the developers are giving players the chance to create skills that suit their playstyles.

Torchlight: Infinite’s skill system is based on Torchlight II but with additional improvements. In the original, there were three skill branches to choose from which could be combined with different gear. This led to numerous specific builds being created using what was a rather linear growth system that lacked novelty. With Torchlight: Infinite, players can expect to find a tonne of variation to make gameplay so much more interesting. Players will now be able to create new skills from the multiple choices given to them.

The game consists of Active Skills and Support Skills, which promise more nuance this time around. The two of them can be linked to ensure that an Active Skill is influenced and enhanced in terms of form, effect, and strength by the Support Skill. This way, a single skill like Chromatic Shot, Ring of Ice, or Hammer of Ash can be modified in a variety of ways.

Let’s take Chromatic Shot and break down how this feature will work. It releases three energy arrows that deal Physical, Fire, Lightning, Cold, and Chaos damage on hit. But, if it is linked to Support Skills like Greater Multiple Projectiles and Wind Projectiles, the same move now launches seven arrows which travel faster and are much better at tracking foes. Players can also improve their abilities when inflicting Ailments. All this leads to a skill that is specific to each user’s playstyle, ensuring that everyone is able to use their creative freedom to the fullest of their ability.

Don’t worry about microtransactions either as all skills are only locked behind hero level, meaning all of them can eventually be unlocked. If you’re interested in creating your own unique moves, then sign-up for Torchlight: Infinite’s closed beta on its official website.

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