Cuttlefish is an interactive heist thriller developed by the minds behind Erica

Cuttlefish is an interactive heist thriller developed by the minds behind Erica

Flavourworks, the UK-based interactive studio has been responsible for creating hit interactive thrillers like Erica and HUSH – Crane, and now they are back with their next project. The developers have just announced their latest immersive adventure, titled Cuttlefish, which is an action-packed heist for the whole family. With a branching narrative and a tonne of decisions to make, the game tells an intricate tale of family, survival, and safety.

Cuttlefish follows the story of Sammy (played by Catherine Garton), who knows by the titular moniker. She has been implicated in a number of international heists and returned to London in order to settle a personal score. Players will be responsible for every choice made during this family-friendly heist and their decisions will uniquely shape the narrative.

So, why has Sammy aka the Cuttlefish come back to London? It is another high-stakes job, but the difficulty is significantly higher because of things have become personal. Sammy must save her mother from a greedy and nefarious pyramid scheme which is run by none other than her former crew member, Teddy Belmont.

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Even though it was Sammy’s crew who was responsible for raising Teddy, it seems like it makes no difference to him. He plans to con Sammy’s mother and the entire community whose debts have helped him stay afloat. The gang must hit Teddy where it hurts the most – by ruining Frive’s launch, which is the adversary’s latest product.

Cuttlefish has been made using Flavourworks’ TouchVideo Technology, which is responsible for creating such an intuitive experience. It combines digital play, dramatic engagement, intimacy, and emotions, making players feel like they are part of the story itself. It’s the perfect mix of cinema and gaming.

Players will not only change the flow of the story with their decisions but also everything around them. Interactions will lead to branching pathways, while changing the surroundings through various scenarios, ensuring that each run feels like a new one. Cuttlefish is currently targeting an April 27th release.

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